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Hi there! I’m Katie and I am a farmer with big dreams. Those dreams are called Deep Roots Farm. Here’s a bit about us. IMG_4386.JPG

I grew up on a beautiful farm in Chepachet, Rhode Island, that has been in my family, the Steere family, since the late 1700’s. Growing up, I loved this farm. I made forts in the woods, I played on rocks in the cow pasture, and I rode my pony for hours and hours around the property. And then one day I left for college thinking I would never look back. My journey brought me to Boston first, then Ireland, and eventually California. I studied International Business and worked in marketing/communications for Specialized Bikes and then a small commercial bank in Silicon Valley. But I was not content. I craved connection to life and to the earth. I wanted to be making a difference in the health and happiness of the planet and all the creatures on it, including us. I wanted to lessen the hold that big agriculture companies and pharmaceutical companies have on the government and the lives of the American people. And I realized, finally, that farming could provide all of those things. And I just so happened to have a farm calling my name.


And so, with the help of a TED talk about making hard decisions, I made my decision. The decision to give up society’s hold on my life and chart my own path. A path that would lead me to quit my job, hike the Pacific Crest trail, intern at Polyface farm, and finally to where I am now, beginning to bring my family’s farm back to life again as Deep Roots Farm.

When I stand on this farm, this wondrous farm, I can feel it in my bones and hear it in the whispers of the wind. This farm is my calling, it is my destiny. I am meant to build something special here. It will be hard. It will be messy. It will be ugly at times. But mostly it will be beautiful. And it will be worth it.

So what exactly am I doing here? I’m building a pastured-based rotational grazing livestock farm. We will sell beef, pork, chicken, and eggs from happy and loved animals. The cows and chickens will be moved to new pasture daily so they always have access to a salad bar of fresh forage. The pigs will live in the woods to dig and root to their heart’s content. This winter will be spent building homes for animals and then putting animals in those homes. I have five new cows, 220 chicks that will start laying eggs in March, and a litter of piglets coming at the end of November. I also have two of the cutest orange barn cats you've ever met, Todd and Oliver.


Want to help build a barn, build a fence, or feed some baby chicks? If you want to join in on this grand adventure, or just know what’s going on, keep in touch. Send me an email, give me a call, or come visit the farm!

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